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Building, consulting, advising and implementing environmentally-conscious and socially-inclusive business solutions in frontier markets
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Our mission

We aim to change the perceptions of business, blurring the lines between social good and profitability and focusing on the creation of sustainable impact. We believe that business no longer needs to solely engage in social causes through defined budgets and activities, but rather impact should be inherently incorporated into company structures. Our goal is to create and support inclusive businesses that drive lasting growth, development and long-term benefits for future generations.

Our Services

Full-service solutions for a better future


As the world population increases around the globe, there has been increased demand for improved agriculture systems. Especially observed in Southeast Asian countries, where supply chains are underdeveloped and countries are experiencing high population growth, sustainable agriculture implementation is vital for the future. 

Our expertise and services

• Agribusiness
• Agriculture value chain
• Access to markets
• Input supplies
• Crop selection
• Training and capacity building

• Food security
• Farm consulting
• Hydroponics systems
• Supply chain management
• Low-tech farm equipment
• Smallholder-focus

  • As the world population increases around the globe, there has been increased demand for improved agriculture systems. Especially observed in Southeast Asian countries, where supply chains are underdeveloped and countries are experiencing high population growth, sustainable agriculture implementation is vital for the future. 

    Our expertise and services


    -Agriculture value chain

    -Access to markets

    -Input supplies

    -Crop selection

    -Training and capacity building

    -Food security

    -Farm consulting

    -Hydroponics systems

    -Supply chain management

    -Low-tech farm equipment


  • The waste management infrastructure in many Southeast Asian countries does not adequately reflect the necessary capacities required by the rapidly increasing domestic waste production as well as the increasing waste imports from developed countries. While functioning systems are in place for certain materials, the majority of materials remains un-utilized and significantly contributes to adverse environmental and economic effects. Educational levels on waste remain low, making source separation a complex task while inflicting health risks on the population through common undesired practices.

    Our expertise and services

    -Circular systems

    -Waste consulting

    -Source separation

    -Waste-to-value approach

    -Decentralized processing centers

    -Training and capacity building

    -Research & development

    -Community engagement

    -Cleanup events

  • Vietnam has 54 ethnic minority groups with individual cultures, traditions, languages and food. Industrialization has caused these cultures to integrate into the modern world leading to the loss of these traditions forever. Community-based tourism (CBT) aims to preserve cultures through sustainable tourism practices that conserve the environment and the communities within. Over the past decade, aid agencies, government bodies and tourism agencies have developed an estimated 200-250 community-based tourism projects throughout Vietnam with limited success (estimated 10%), mainly caused by lack of experience, support and sustainability mindset.

    Our expertise and services

    -Community-based tourism


    -Training and capacity building

    -Community fund management

    -Hygiene and hospitality consulting

    -Access-to-markets including OTA management

    -Ethnic minority support

    -Product development

  • Besides developing and supporting impact businesses, we offer a range of services to help businesses reach targets, enter markets and unfold their impact potential. Moreover, we create and find investable options for investors in the region.

    Our expertise and services

    -Market entry


    -Development organizations

    -Management consulting

  • The core of our Evergreen Labs is developing sustainable business models and building strong management behind them to eventually build investable businesses with impact. Our portfolio is diversified in various focus areas. Currently our impact has spread Vietnam-wide, and as our projects scale, they will contribute to the entire region. We focus on sectors that are gaining attention as the population grows and economies expand. To avoid exploitation and irreversible damage to the environment, we create innovative business models to mitigate those risks while improving the livelihoods of adversely effected individuals.

    Besides internal project development, we support implementation of external projects from corporate CSR programs to farm installation or community engagement work.

    Our expertise and services

    External projects (excerpt)

    -Groz Beckert Farm

    -Accor Group Market

    -Japfa Invest

    Internal projects




  • We source, screen and create investable early stage social ventures whose missions are aligned with global impact investors, family offices and individuals that seek social and financial returns with equal importance. Evergreen Labs defines tangible social and financial goals with each venture individually and monitors the progress and and arranges the transitions and manages the ongoing investments until exit.

    Our expertise and services

    -Target identification

    -Red flag reports

    -Management meetings

    -Financial modeling

    -Legal support


    -Coaching & mentorship

    -Investment profiles

    -Implementation of investment vehicles

    -Performance tracking


  • The economic development and growth of frontier markets in Southeast Asia opens the doors for opportunity in the future. Specifically, Vietnam has been perceived as one of the most exciting frontier markets in Southeast Asia, a nation of 93 million people whose lives are being transformed by its economic doi moi program. In face the last decade, GDP growth has averaged 6 percent per annum while per capita income has tripled. Moreover, the emerging middle-class market is driving consumer growth and increasing buying power. Fast development, such as Vietnam, often comes at an environmental and social cost. Utilizing our unique market-driven, stakeholder-focused approach, we work with governments, educators, NGOs and the private sector to train, build capacity and create inclusive economic opportunity. Moreover, we build change-makers to drive positive growth in Southeast Asia.

    Our expertise and services


    -Entrepreneurship training

    -Private sector development

    -Innovation scans

    -Competitions (including startup challenges)

    -Feasibility study

    -Stakeholder facilitation

    -Value chain analysis

Full-Value Chain Approach

We take an unconventional approach to consult & construct businesses for the future. 

Project Portfolio

  • healthy farm logo leaf-01

    We are doing it for the smallholders. A full-service, agriculture supply chain social enterprise focused sourcing clean produce from farmers through to distribution to buyers. 

    Project Development; Agriculture
  • ilo circle-02

    National assessment, market research and concept note on the feasibility of a nationwide community-based tourism network. 

    International Labour Organization
    Impact Consulting; Tourism
  • noah circle-03

    With our market entry support, this project aims to create local jobs through local bamboo production for their eco-friendly toothbrushes.

    Dr. Noah Bamboo Toothbrushes
    South Korea
    Market entry; Agriculture
  • GIZ circle-03

    Vietnam-wide innovation scan in the agriculture and tourism sectors for potential projects to bring to Myanmar via the GIZ Private Sector Development Program.

    German Development Agency
    Private sector development
  • ADB logo-03

    Implementation of community waste management solution including the prototyping of a recycling machine, training of waste workers and market development for final products.

    Asian Development Bank
    Waste management; impact consulting
  • vcbtn circle-03

    Vietnam-wide network to connect all stakeholders in community-focused tourism and provide market access to local communities.

    Vietnam Community-based Tourism Network
    Project development; Tourism
  • gb-03

    CSR consulting project to design and build an in-house hydroponics farm to produce clean vegetables for the canteen.

    Hydroponics; CSR consulting
  • mbi circle-03

    Waste management consulting project to identify innovative ways to tackle ocean plastic issues under the inclusion of local communities and stakeholders.

    Mekong Business Initiative
    Impact consulting; Waste
  • GIZ circle-03

    Analyze and outline different financing options from international sources available to local MSME in Mozambique to achieve sustainable economic development.

    German Development Agency
    Access to Finance; Private sector development
  • mia circle-03

    Design, produce and install a furniture solution for lockers and benches from recycled materials as part of a wider CSR framework; implemented by ReForm Vietnam.

    Mia Hotels
    CSR; Waste
  • dim circle-03

    Consulting project on a sustainable waste solution including pre-race cleanup events and on-site waste management and recycling solutions during the event.

    Danang International Marathon
    CSR; Waste
  • vgu logo circle-03

    Conceptualize and implement an innovation challenge for 30 VGU engineering students to design, calculate and build a plastic recycling machine according to pre-defined requirements.

    Vietnam-German University
    Capacity building, Training, waste
  • dava circle logo-03

    Consulting and implementation support on a vocational training program for youth affected by dioxin through the creation of marketable products and providing market access for sustainable funding.

    Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange
    Implementation; Capacity Building
  • gs logo circle-03

    Regular educational field trips and events via Evergreen Experiences to encourage hands-on learning and environmental awareness. Examples: farm visit, beach-cleanups, visit to landfill, experience recycling center.

    Greenshoots International School
    Capacity building; Training; Waste
  • quang nam ppc-03

    Assessment and technical report to identify suitable community-based tourism projects and evaluate how to integrate CBT into the provincial tourism master plan.

    Quang Nam People's Committee
    Public sector; Tourism
  • reform-03

    Decentralized solid waste management solution focused on a community-based waste to value approach aiming to replicate the pilot via a social franchise model.

    Project Development; Waste
  • rsa circle logo-03

    Grant-funded project to develop a low tech agriculture solution to reduce spoilage, extend shelf-life and ensure hygienic processing via a solar dryer model for fruits, tea, pepper, hers, and spices.

    RSA Catalyst Fund
    Project Development; Agro processing; Low-tech equipment
  • accor circle-03

    CSR work within Accor's Planet21 framework to ensure sustainable and local sourcing and host regular employee events focused on environmental or social causes.

    Accor Group
    CSR; Impact consulting
  • asu circle-03

    Conceptualizing, hosting and teaching scientists from Southeast Asia within the 'applied' week of the 'ASU young scientist program' to link theory to applied work through project planning and prototyping.

    Arizona State University
    Lower Mekong Countries
    Capacity Building; Entrepreneurship; Training
  • koica circle-03

    Winner of KOICA based agriculture value chain competition with own HealthyFarm project to showcase the suitability of local, smallholder solutions at scale.

    Remake City Accelerator Program

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