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Solving social & environmental challenges through innovation & inclusion

We are a creative business lab building solutions that will change the world.

Our work is focused on these key programs:

Zero-waste solutions

Creating fully circular models that rethink materials and value chains for a clean future.

Healthy Food Systems

Improving supply chains towards inclusivity, animal welfare, and shared economy models. 

Water for all

Bringing access and ensuring clean systems for consumption and discharge into our environments.

Inclusive tourism

Preserving traditions and cultures within communities for future generations.

Together we are making an impact!

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Our Venture Portfolio

Location: Vietnam
Program: Healthy Food Systems

Professionalizing supply chains and providing market linkages for farmers.

ReForm Plastic
Location: Vietnam, Myanmar
Program: Zero-waste

Giving all waste value through this inclusive, scalable solution tackling low-value plastics.

Location: Vietnam
Program: Water for All

Providing an upstream solution through our innovative, hyperlocal glass water bottling facilities.

VCBT Network
Location: Vietnam
Program: Inclusive Tourism

Supporting community-based tourism projects through development & market access.

Our work has been featured in: