Our Mission

Evergreen Labs develops and supports businesses together with passionate entrepreneurs that aim to impact the pressing environmental and social challenges of today.

Our Two-Way Approach

We grow professional and sustainable companies and let the entrepreneur focus on running a business!


Who we support: Vietnam is full of entrepreneurs and everyone seems to run at least one business. However, these businesses are often fragmented and limited in size due to a lack of professional structure.  Talented entrepreneurs with great ideas need support to expand small, individual operation into a sustainable and profitable companies.

 How we help: Evergreen Labs aims to provide the full range of services throughout the entire life cycle of a company. In providing the necessary overhead functions, we enable the entrepreneur to focus on the operation of the business and ensure a lean business structure.


Shelf Businesses: Besides supporting entrepreneurs with their own ideas, we also work on our own Evergreen projects that develop into “shelf businesses”. These shelf businesses are ready for a passionate entrepreneur to join the project and take over the daily operations. By establishing a business plan and securing funding, we cofound the business together with the entrepreneur.

Practical Solutions: Many of our shelf businesses are and will be based on existing solutions for problems that are still very apparent in Vietnam. We strongly believe that the multiplication of businesses with a positive impact solution should be a cornerstone in Vietnam’s development. This two-way ‘support and create’ approach maximizes positive impact on the environment and community.

Our Services


Inspiration & Idea

Evergreen Labs starts at the earliest stage of a company life cycle, we hope to inspire people to develop ideas with a positive impact and turn them into reality.

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Incorporation & Implementation

We invest resources & funds in early stage projects before incorporating the business with the entrepreneur and implementing the business plan.

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Improve & Increase

After the proof-of-concept, we further the company into an expansion phase and scale the business to increase the social and environmental impact.

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Our Team

Dr. Kasia Weina

Director and Co-founder

Jan Zellmann

Vice Director & Co-founder

Christian Schaefer

Managing Partner & Legal Advisor (Asia Counsel)

Axel Mierke

Managing Partner Mierke Investment & Development Consulting, Germany

EGL Advisor


Emmy Nguyen

Managing Director HealthyFarm

Phuong Tran

Project Manager
Community-based Tourism

Thanh-Phuong Mai

Asia Counsel

Supportive functions