Together with passionate entrepreneurs, we develop ideas, projects and small businesses into professional and sustainable companies.


We support personal and professional development of entrepreneurs through mentorship programs, seminars and events.


Giving back is part of our positive impact approach. We create our own projects and support external projects contributing to positive change.

Our Mission

Evergreen Labs develops and supports businesses together with passionate entrepreneurs that aim to impact the pressing environmental and social challenges we face today.

We focus on the implementation, scaling and multiplication of countless existing positive impact solutions and business plans.

We also support inventors and creators, developing solution-driven ideas, with the creation and implementation of sustainable business plans to bring their ideas to life.

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Our Approach

Evergreen Labs follows a two-way approach to maximize positive impact.

Create: Together with our passionate team, we identify promising ideas or business models and develop them as an Evergreen “shelf business”.

Support: Once we cofound a “shelf business” together with a suitable entrepreneur or get involved with an existing business, we provide all the necessary overhead functions to ensure a lean business structure and enable the entrepreneur to focus on the operation of the business.

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Our impact in 2016

Lives Affected

Our Projects

Our Partners


  • Evergreen Farmer’s Market No. 1
    Evergreen Farmer’s Market No. 1
    (20/11/2016) Bringing safe, local produce, handmade products and food stalls together
  • Startup University Tour 02
    Startup University Tour 02
    (28/08/2016) Startup University Tour aims to connect individuals and organizations in the field of science & technology and to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among the youth.
  • Targeted Innovation Challenge (TIC) 2016
    Targeted Innovation Challenge (TIC) 2016
    (10/09/2016) Targeted Innovation Challenge (TIC) is designed to stimulate focused innovation toward solving a specific environmental problem that has commercial value.


Interested in joining us? Within Evergreen Labs we have opportunities around every corner! We are always looking for motivated people with an entrepreneurial spirit to be part of or cofound our shelf businesses. Also, if you have a great idea own, please get in touch!

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