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We are tackling clean water access & wastewater systems.

Water provides life and everyone deserves access to this invaluable resource. While Vietnam together with large development organizations over the past decades has built strong water access connections to most of the country, most of the country’s municipal water is not deemed safe to drink. Therefore, everyone consumes water through plastic bottles. 

The current unsustainable plastic (PET) consumption is linear, leading to high volumes of plastic waste ending in our landfills, environment, or oceans if uncollected. Furthermore, post-consumer PET is not endlessly recyclable and typically downcycled in Vietnam. On average in Southeast Asia, only 26% of PET is collected while another 26% ends up in landfills which leaves up to 48% leaking into the environment. 

Besides high environmental leakage of PET from water consumption into the environment, many informal or unregistered recyclers in Vietnam do not have proper wastewater treatment at their facilities. This leads to the dumping of wastewater directly into rivers which are not only contaminated but also contain high volumes of microplastics. Solving the wastewater treatment issue for small recyclers and businesses in developing countries will be crucial to saving the region from an environmental disaster.

How do create zero-waste water access and affordable wastewater systems?

View our solutions & services below:


Location: Vietnam

Stage of development: Start-up

This social enterprise is bottling clean water in zero-waste glass bottles. Through full logistics delivery and pickup services, it is a fully circular production & consumption process.

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Wastewater solutions

Location: Vietnam

Stage of development: Validation

We aim to dramatically transform the way wastewater is being treated and discharged at all small to mid-sized recyclers through an affordable, biological treatment process.

Community water projects

Location: Vietnam

Stage of development: Solution

We created affordable, low-cost community water systems that can be implemented in rural areas to prevent usage of unclean water sources and encourages local entrepreneurship.

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Our services in the water sector

We provide sustainable water management solutions

We can create practical water solutions that can be implemented within your operations or as part of your community outreach or sustainability programs.

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Water facility implementation

Providing full water facility services including full implementation, training and maintenance 

Community water programs

Supporting corporates to implement CSR initatives

Wastewater solutions

Facilitating and implementing wastewater solutions for small businesses up to large-scale productions.