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We are tackling inclusive, community-driven tourism.

Today, mass tourism has put communities and marginalized groups at risk. Often tourism cuts out the locals instead of including them in the experience. This leads to the loss of culture and traditions as communities move towards mass, standardized tourism.

How do create inclusive, community-based tourism?

View our solutions & services below:

Vietnam Community-Based Tourism Network

Location: Vietnam

Stage of development: Start-up

This network brings together all stakeholder groups involved and connect communities directly to the market.

Last-mile Development

Location: Vietnam

Stage of development: Solution

We aim to shift XXX

Our services in the tourism sector

We provide sustainable tourism solutions

We can create programs and tours that are inclusive to benefit the communities and align with sustainability programs & goals.


Last mile development

Providing training and development to get communities ready for guests and partnerships with larger organizations.

Hospitality Inclusion Programs

Supporting corporates to provide community-based tour offerings to guests.