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We are tackling food security & the natural food supply chain.

In developing countries, especially in Southeast Asia, access to trustworthy sources of food to eat is hard to come by with food security becoming a major issue facing countries such as Vietnam. 

Farming is poorly regulated and monitored in general. Additionally, in Vietnam, there is a complete lack of a trusted certification system and governing body. These issues are spread across the fresh produce value chain. Additionally, inefficient gaps in the food supply chain lead to high spoilage, high prices of clean food, and unaffordability to local markets with little gain for the farmers.

Besides fresh produce, the farming industry has turned a blind-eye to humane animal welfare as industrial production is driving animals into cages with mistreatment. With a focus only on profits, this puts immense pressure on our food systems driving them further towards the brink of destruction.

Lastly, climate change puts farmers at great risk of losing crops and livelihoods as temperatures rise, storms become more frequent & stronger, and more extreme conditions overall. Farmers now are in urgent need of climate change resilience skills to adapt to the changing world with continuing to access markets.

How do we improve food supply chains while being inclusive of farmers & farm animal welfare?

View our solutions & services below:


Location: Vietnam

Stage of development: Start-up

This social enterprise is building a natural food supply chain that supports local growers and producers directly.

Humane Eggs

Location: Vietnam

Stage of development: Validation

We aim to drastically improve how farm animals are treated in Vietnam by converting caged-egg producers into free-range while building market awareness & demand.

Low-tech farming solutions

Location: Vietnam

Stage of development: Solution

We created an affordable low-cost, solar dryer to improve farmers’ post-harvest processing capacity while reducing harvest loss and increasing product value and hygiene.

Our services in the agriculture sector

We provide sustainable agriculture solutions

From corporate farms to implementing fully responsible supply chains, our team has built expertise in a vast range of services in this sector particularly in Vietnam with a growing portfolio of projects in ASEAN. As working on the grassroots level with farmers can be challenging, we can offer practical agriculture solutions. Our past project clients include:

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Supply chain facilitation

Providing supply chain services including trainings & interventions involving smallholder farmers and intermediaries

Corporate farms

Implementation of corporate food programs and own farms

Sustainable procurement

Sourcing the best high-quality ingredients for your business that have a social impact with the minimum environmental damange possible (i.e. zero-waste, local, etc)

Responsible supply chains

Recommending policy changes within the organization to become more sustainable throughout their supply chains and procurement procedures