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Building, consulting, advising and implementing environmentally-conscious and socially-inclusive business solutions in frontier markets

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Our mission

We are changing the perceptions of business, blurring the lines between social good and profitability and focusing on the creation of sustainable impact. Business no longer needs to solely engage in social causes through defined budgets and activities, but rather impact should be inherently incorporated into company structures. This drives lasting growth, development and long-term benefits for future generations. Our tiered approach and adaptation to a multi-sector, collaborative framework ensure our sustainability.

Our Services

Full service solutions for a better future


As the world population increases around the globe, there has been increased demand for improved agriculture systems. Especially observed in Southeast Asian countries, where supply chains are underdeveloped and countries are experiencing high population booms, sustainable agriculture implementation is vital for the future. 

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-Agribusiness                    -Agriculture value chain                           -Access to markets

-Food security                   -Farm consulting                                        -Hydroponics

-Input supplies                 -Training and capacity building            -Crop selection

-Smallholder-focus       -Supply chain management                   -Low-tech farm equipment

Project Portfolio

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    Supporting smallholder farmers

    Agriculture Value Chain
  • EGL VN

    Great to stay on top of the process. Especially liked to play with the financial section when viewing properties. Highly recommended!

    Andree Shorter
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    Just started flat hunting. Your affordability calculator saved me some serious time to focus on what I can actually buy. Thanks so much.

    Sofia Gerald
  • EGL VN

    Thumbs Up, their service is magnificent, quick solution for top enterprise. Totally recommended App for your business

    Chintya Abee
    Total Solution

Team Members

We’re a group of passionate people helping you to grow your business.

Dr. Kasia Weina
Jan Zellmann
Christian Schaefer
Axel Mierke
Emmy Nguyen
Nestor Catalan
Phuong Tran
Khuyen Nguyen
Phuong Mai
Quyen Tran

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Full Value Chain Approach

We don’t restrict ourselves to single tools or methods but follow a ‘best fit’ model with common ground.


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