Targeted Innovation Challenge (TIC) 2016

Are you fond of technology and innovation?

Your biggest desire is to help solve issues that the society has to face with?

IoT, transmitted information technologies, especially RFID make you interested?

Mobile apps, you know them all and even a little bit of chemistry?

Targeted Innovation Challenge 2016 must be for you then!

Targeted Innovation Challenge (TIC) is the very first contest organized by Frontier Law & Advisory in collaboration with its potential partners: Da Nang Entrepreneurship Support Co., Ltd (DNES), Evergreen Labs, Vinatuna, Marco Polo Studios and others.

Targeted Innovation Challenge (TIC) is designed to stimulate focused innovation toward solving a specific environmental problem and to help Frontier connect with innovation community in Vietnam.

TIC 2016 aims at a specific marine and environmental problem. Frontier has identified the problem and also has its own solutions but instead of keep the solution to itself, Frontier would like to initiate an innovation wave to involve inventor teams in developing the solution. This year, the contest will be taken place in Da Nang in order to express Frontier’s belief that Da Nang has been building a friendly ecosystem for enterprises in general, start-ups in particular and will soon be an innovation hub.

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