Startup University Tour 02

On the 28th August, in the collaboration with Duy Tan University (Da Nang), Management Board of Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park organized 2nd Startup University Tour. The event aims to connect individuals and organizations in the field of science & technology and to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among the youth.

Startup Uni Tour is one activity within the framework of two projects co-organized by Forum of Science and Technology (Ministry of Science and Technology) and Innovation – Startup (Vietnam Television). With the participation from different organizations, partners and media agencies, Startup Uni Tour promises to be a platform to promote an open environment for connection and exchange between the youth and startup community.

After the first event, Startup Uni Tour received many compliments for creating a learning and research environment among young scientists, businesses and students. In this playground, scientists and consultants could share their experiences, orient and inspire young people, assist them to improve and commercialize their inventions/researches, and call for funds from investors, thereby enhance the efficiency of start-up movement in Vietnam.

Evergreen Labs is proud to join Startup Uni Tour 2 as a project developer and business builder that provides services to support start-ups. We had chance to meet with a lot of young people who are passionate about start-ups and at the same time interested in the social and environmental sector. After the event, Evergreen Labs was excited to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations whose concerns are projects with socially and environmentally positive impacts. We believe that in the future, Da Nang will truly be a start-up city motivated by the autonomy and creativity of young people of the City.

Date: 28/08/2016

Location: Duy Tan University, 03 Quang Trung, Danang