The first Evergreen Farmer’s Market in Da Nang

Food security is a major issue facing Vietnam today. In order to gain back trust in food from locals and expats alike as well as help farmers expand their outlets for products, Evergreen Labs decided to host a farmer’s market, where local produce, handmade products and food vendors can sell to consumers directly. This market allows people to come in direct contact with farmers, local producers and vendors. After nearly four months of sourcing the best produce in the area, Evergreen Labs team finally organized its very first Farmer’s Market which was a hit in the town. In the market, in addition to clean and organic produce booths and handmade products, there were also delicious food stands, workshops and exhibitions.

With a team of 10 active members (in which half were dedicated intern and volunteers), Evergreen Labs managed to successfully host the very first Evergreen Farmer’s Market in Da Nang. Intended to be a fun, family event for those who care about clean food to come in direct contact with producers, the market opened its doors to over 1000 visitors throughout the day. An estimated 780 kilograms of produce and 300 kilograms of food was sold. The market hosted a total of 32 vendors of which 24 were local and 8 were operated by foreigners. In total, 21 of our vendors sold out and the remaining 11 sold between 50-80% of their goods. This success would not have come without the support from the enthusiastic vendors, Son Tra local authority and the city, which is an enormous source of encouragement for Evergreen Labs’ team in the future. Evergreen Labs will now apply for permission to hold monthly markets throughout 2017. Please stay tuned for more information!

Date: 20/11/2016

Location: Dragon Bridge (across Da Nang Food Centre)