Shelf Businesses

Have the entrepreneurial spirit but missing that great idea?

An integral part of our business model is to develop our own ideas and business plans into what we call “shelf businesses”. Once an Evergreen project becomes a “shelf business”, it is ready for incorporation. The only thing missing is a suitable entrepreneur to cofound the business together with Evergreen Labs and run the daily operations.

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New Ideas

Have your own idea/existing business with a positive impact?

We are always open to innovative, creative solutions to today’s pressing issues. Working together on your business with Evergreen Labs will provide you with professional business support and give you the opportunity to work with an international team of like-minded individuals who will help you increase the impact of your business.

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Our Services

Evergreen Labs will invest in positive impact businesses on a long-term basis and support the entrepreneurs and companies through their entire life cycle.

Need some inspiration?

Are you creative and with lots of ideas but don’t know if running a business if for you? Or you want to be your own boss but are still looking for the right business model to pursue? Evergreen Labs helps match your passion with your skill set.

For inspiration, be part of our…

  • Workshops
  • Events
  • Training
  • Education
  • Community

“Ideas are cheap…

Have an idea but don’t know if you should take it further?

Refining your idea

  • Research
  • Advisory
  • Strategy

…execution is everything!”

Once your idea has be validated, the real work begins.

Before we go to market

  • Feasibility study
  • Business plan
  • Fundraising


Many small businesses in Vietnam are not registered and do not possess a business license and therefore cannot reach their full potential. While it does come with a paperwork, frustrating authority run-ins. It also provides many advantages and builds the cornerstone for a professional company structure to scale your business.

Service List

  • Visa support
  • Incorporation support
  • Authority support
  • Guarantor
  • Cofounding


Every founder has multiple responsibilities and needs to know everything that is going on in his venture. Trying to do everything be yourself will slow you down, limit your growth potential and let’s face it, no one can be good at everything. We will be with you every step of the way.


  • Admin services
  • Accounting
  • (C)RM services
  • Business development
  • Human resources / recruiting
  • Translation services

Marketing & Sales

  • Web development
  • Digital marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Sales support (KGK)
  • Sourcing
  • Distribution


Together with our sister companies BDG Vietnam and KGK, Evergreen Labs offers various consulting, advisory and improvement services for established businesses that aim to expand your operation, production and reach.

Service List:

  • Sourcing & Suppliers
  • Production & Investment
  • Distribution & Partners

Positive Impact

Evergreen Labs is passionate and highly motivated to have a positive impact on local communities and the environment in Danang and Vietnam. We focus on projects and businesses that have a direct positive impact either socially or environmentally and also support other businesses that fit our investment criteria.


Direct Impact

These are projects and businesses that instantly have a positive impact on the community and/or environment. Direct impact is what Evergreen Labs is after, however we will support other businesses if they fit our investment criteria.

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Indirect Impact

These are projects and businesses that do not have an immediate positive impact, but also do not negatively influence communities or the environment. Together with the cofounder we establish a strategy that will include ‘giving back’. Check our investment criteria.

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Why Work With Us

Working with Evergreen Labs means joining an international team of like-minded, entrepreneurial individuals who want to make a positive impact on the world. We provide entrepreneurs with support, mentoring & skills and cover overhead functions (i.e. web development, marketing, accounting, sales, etc). This allows you to focus on the daily operations and ensures your business will run professionally and have potential to scale and grow quickly.


You can focus on your passion, skills and running the daily operation.

We take care of the rest.


Evergreen has a team of internal and external professionals to cover your need.

We have you covered.


A one-stop shop for all overhead services, not multiple service providers.

Sometimes, less is more.


We are a business partner providing services, not a service provider running their own business.

We see things from your point-of-view.


Does your idea, project or business fit into the framework of Evergreen Labs? Have a look at the criteria below and see if you fit.


Do you care about the environment, nature & animals and are convinced that your business can preserve the biodiversity?

It’s a common misperception that a business with a positive impact on the environment and conservation cannot be profitable but there are many examples proving just the opposite.


Do you have drive and are willing to fully commit to the journey ahead?

For us, the most important trait that we look for in an entrepreneur is passion. If you work on something you love, success will follow.


Is the wellbeing of individuals close to your heart?

We believe that every change has to start with the human mind and that everyone deserves an equal chance. We want to do our part and provide opportunity for the less fortunate.


Do you have a special skill, talent or ability?

Many things can be learned but extraordinary results will only be achieved with outstanding people.


Do you want to create something with a lasting impact on environment, society and the people around you?

There are two ingredients for sustainable businesses: Profitability & People


Do you have the ability to trust someone with a major part of your life?

We can only help if there is a mutual trust between the entrepreneur and Evergreen Labs. As cofounders we are fully aligned together with the entrepreneur and therefore aim to establish successful businesses.


Are you a passionate entrepreneur motivated to make the world a better place?

Evergreen Labs aims to create a positive impact community and fully support you in making a difference.

We will not get involved with a project or business that is harming local communities or the environment (i.e. deforestation, habitat destruction, pollution, harming animals).


Are you dedicated entirely to your idea/business and ready to let it become a part of your life?

Starting and running your own business is very rewarding but you have to be able to deal with frustration, stress, setbacks and uncertainty.

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