Evergreen labs strives to create sustainable, positive impact companies. Our main mission for co-share is giving back and supporting good-cause projects. We support local projects already making a differences and also start our own positive impact projects within our organization. The bigger we grow our organization, supporters and followers the more projects we can support, help and start ourselves. If you are interested in helping out with any of our supported or own projects please contact us and become an ‘Evergreen Volunteer‘ today!

Supported Organizations

Clean up Vietnam is an organization based in Ho Chi Minh City and aims to engage youth, businesses and families in changing the way we dispose of our waste. This organization holds an annual Clean up Vietnam event (April 17, 2016) where communities all across Vietnam come together to clean up their local communities. Additionally, Clean up Vietnam provides education and supports cultural change through education about environmental issues.

Evergreen Labs works together with Clean up Vietnam and organizes Danang clean up events to bring awareness to litter and ocean pollution problems.

GreenViet is becoming a leading center for research, communication and education for biodiversity in central Vietnam. They strive to make an impact on research, the community and policy. Some current projects include: monitoring and preserving the Douc langur in Son Tra Peninsula, training & educating the public about eco-friendly living skills and hosting workshops to engage and inform the public about biodiversity & rising issues regarding climate change.

Evergreen labs supports GreenViet with their amazing work on conservation efforts and raising awareness on biodiversity in the local community.

Xuan Family 4 in Da Nang is a home for disadvantaged children. The children come to Family 4 with different backgrounds & circumstances and Family4 ensures that these children are able to thrive in a secure and loving environment. At Family 4, family and education are the most important things. Creating a stable family setting is top priority and also giving access to education. Evergreen Labs supports this organization through activity support & education.

To find out more about this organization and how you can help please click here!

Since it was established in 2012, Green-Youth-Collective has contributed greatly to the citizen movement from its early stage on urban gardening in Vietnam as a youth-led social enterprise. In November 2014 the organization started our permanent life in Triem Tay peninsula village, easy to reach from Hoi An Ancient town. Their solution is based on sustainable gardening and sustainability education.

To find our more about this organization, you can click here!

Our Projects

Healthy Living

Teaching children about growing organic food and healthy living

At Evergreen labs, we understand the importance of growing healthy, organic food. Moreover, we recognize that cultural change occurs through education. Therefore our healthy living project aims to educate children about the importance of eating well. Additionally, we want to teach children hands-on growing and harvesting skills to have a lasting impact on Vietnam’s agricultural practices in the future.

Danang Clean Up

Promote and organize clean up events throughout Danang to raise awareness about pollution, litter and the importance of environmental conservation

This project aims to raise awareness about environmental issues through doing. We hold clean up events where communities can get together, do something good for their city and environment and also have some fun while doing it. Evergreen clean up projects don’t just make people pick up trash but rather make it a fun, family event where like-minded people can work together for a good cause. We work with local sponsors to raise as much awareness as possible and are alway looking for partners! Please contact us if interested in partnering, sponsoring or volunteering at the next event!


Central Vietnam Wildlife Guidebook

Evergreen Labs is planning on creating a central Vietnam wildlife guidebook for tourists and wildlife enthusiasts.

This simple, illustrated guide will start to bring awareness to the biodiversity in the region, which is significantly lacking. Moreover, we hope this guidebook will draw more tourism to the region and thus more conservation efforts and protection.  A major part of the revenue shall go directly to a reservation fund, which later on will be used to support conservation of central Vietnamese wildlife.